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The focus of the building exposition: Ultra-low Energy Consumption Building, Leading Ecological and Liveable

TIME:2018-10-23 17:27:52

On October 11th, the 17th China International Residential Industry and Construction Industrial products and equipment Expo opened in Beijing China International Exhibition Center (New Pavilion). Orient Sunfar Group was invited to participate (booth: E3 Pavilion A08) to lead the participants to the new pursuit of ecological and liveable with ultra-low energy consumption building.


As an example of Sino-German cooperation in the field of building energy conservation in China, Orient Sundar presents the "6+3" integrated system of ultra-low energy consumption building, the integrated technology, and the achievements of Orient Sundar in the field of international cooperation and building energy efficiency over the years.


The ultra-low energy building shown by Orient Sundar is not a simple technology superposition, but a complex integrated system, which consists of a "6" core supporting products (environmental integrator, ventilation piping system, passive window system, sun shading system, passive entry door, external thermal insulation system of SEPS), integration of "3" guarantee system (design and construction, supervision and inspection, regulation and security), a complete and rigorous building system of ultra-low energy consumption. We may make adjustment according to the different climatic zones in China, popularize the buildings in various regions of China, help to realize the energy saving and emission reduction, and satisfy the new pursuit of the people for a better and livable life.

During the exhibition, Orient Sundar's ultra-low energy building technology attracted many visitors from all walks of life at home and abroad. They highly recognized the advanced technology, innovation and high quality development of the ultra-low energy consumption building of Orient Sundar. And one after another expressed full confidence in the realization of ultra-low energy buildings to achieve a better and livable life for the people in the new era.


During the exposition, the competition was held in the E5 Pavilion (New Pavilion) of China International Exhibition Center for the demonstration of construction skills of passive low energy consumption building external wall insulation standardization. Wang Jianzhong, the former director of the building materials department of the Beijing municipal party committee, spoke highly of the construction technology of Orient Sundar, saying: “details determine the quality of the product, and the focus and meticulous attention of the workers are the key to making them bigger and stronger.” At the same time, he also praised the tools used in the installation process of Orient Sundar workers: “one must be skillful, the other is good tools, put them together can be stronger!”


In 2019, the 23rd International Passive House Conference will land in Gaobeidian, Hebei Province. Experts and scholars in the field of building energy conservation at home and abroad will gather here to discuss the road of building energy conservation. In this regard, Orient Sundar as the organizer, on behalf of the General Assembly organization issued a sincere invitation to industry colleagues, hope that more enterprises to participate in the 23rd International Passive House Conference, and meet in Hebei Gaobeidian · China International Windoor City.

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