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An Analysis of two important events of Orient Sundar Group in recent days

TIME:2018-10-23 17:32:02

From September 19th to 21st, the “2018 Xiongan New Area ultra-low energy building international forum”,organized by Orient Sundar Group and China Xiongan Group, hosted by China Xiongan New Area Management Committee, Baoding Municipal people's Government and other units, was held in Xiongan New Area and the China International Windoor City in Gaobeidian.


On September 20th, the "National Building Energy Saving Industrial Base" began construction in the Gaobeidian National Building Energy Saving Technology International Innovation Park. It was built by Orient Sundar Group, is now the world's largest integrated platform for the whole industrial chain of prefabricated ultra-low energy consumption buildings.

On 19th September, opening of the first large-scale international forum in Xiongan New Area

The theme of 2018 Hebei Xiongan New Area International Forum on Ultra-Low Energy Building is set as “Stepping into Ultra-Low Energy Building, Leading Ecological and Liveable Lifestyle”.

“During the three days, nearly 400 distinguished experts and entrepreneurs from home and abroad attended and exchanged views on the development trend of ultra-low energy consumption building technology and its application in Xiongan..”

“The outline of Hebei Xiongan New Area Plan puts forward that Xiongan New Area will vigorously promote ultra-low energy consumption buildings. At present, Xiongan New Area large-scale construction is about to begin. On the forum, experts from participating countries and participants in the planning and construction of the Xiongan New Area jointly discussed the practice and development of ultra-low energy consumption buildings, shared successful cases, and aimed at the actual situation of construction patterns, climate characteristics, lifestyles and so on in the Xiongan New Area, suggestions and comments for large-scale development of ultra-low energy consumption building are put forward. At present, a number of buildings have adopted ultra-low energy technology in the first infrastructure project citizen service center in Xiongan New Area”.

“The forum will also set up a special research institute to conduct in-depth research on the application and practical approaches of ultra-low energy consumption building technology in Xiongan, to promote the construction of green livable new urban areas in Xiongan New Area and to create a national model for the application of ultra-low energy consumption buildings.”

On September 20th, Serve Xiong an for construction! The foundation of the National Building Energy Saving Industrial Base is laid today.

“The National Building Energy-Saving Industrial Base which is invested by Orient Sundar Group in the construction of German Industry 4.0 Standard, it is an important measure in response to the supply-side reform, the service of Xiongan construction, strengthen the real economy and improve people's livelihood. ”

“The project will effectively promote the transformation and upgrading of construction industry, green development and leapfrog upgrading through international cooperation, integrate the resources of the industrial chain, and building industry development ecology.”

“After the overall operation of the National Building Energy Saving Industrial Base, it will form an integrated platform for the whole industrial chain of the world's prefabricated ultra-low energy consumption buildings, and will have the power to promote the transformation and upgrading of the national construction industry. The overall development of the building energy-saving industry will play an active role in leading and promoting. ”

“Promote the high-quality development of Xiongan New Area, build a resource-saving, environment-friendly Xiongan.Maximize energy conservation, pollution reduction, environmental protection, leapfrogging, and help to achieve people’s pursuit of a better  life.”

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