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2018 Xiongan New Area international forum on ultra-low energy building/ The industrialization development of prefabricated ultra-low energy buildings

TIME:2018-10-23 17:35:12

2018 Xiongan New Area international forum on ultra-low energy building: the industrialization development of prefabricated ultra-low energy buildings took place on the afternoon of September 19th. The forum aims to implement General Secretary Xi Jinping’s guiding principles on uphold “world vision, international standards, Chinese characteristics and high aims”, strive to build the new development concept of Xiongan innovation and development demonstration zone and other important guiding spirit, focus on creating “Xiongan quality” and become a national model to promote high-quality development.


Scholars and entrepreneurs from different fields of politics, industry, science, research and practical application exchange ideas and discussed around prefabricated ultra-low energy consumption building.

Wang Tiehong, director of China Architecture Assciation, former chief engineering of Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rual Development, entitled “Research on the Development Direction of the Construction Plan of Xiongan New Area”, from grasping the essence of low-carbon economy, grasping the development direction of urban construction planning and leading the development direction of world urban construction planning, three aspects to discuss the development direction of Xiongan New Area construction planning, and it is pointed out that the next step of the construction planning of Xiongan New Area must be green building, prefabricated building, ultra-low energy consumption building, digital building and other high quality buildings, to embody the quality buildings in the new era.

Wen Linfeng, deputy director of Technology and Industrialization Development Center, entitled “Development Direction of Prefabricated Ultra-Low Energy Building”. The paper introduces the present situation and trend of the prefabricated ultra-low energy consumption building, points out the key problems that need to be solved at present, and puts forward some suggestions for the development of the prefabricated ultra-low energy consumption building in Xiongan. It is emphasized that building high quality buildings in Xiongan will promote the healthy development of prefabricated and passive house industries.

Ye Haowen, deputy brief engineer, CSCEC/Chief Executive, CCSTC, entitled “Construction Engineer Practice of Prefabricated Ultra-Low Energy Building Technology”, shared the relevant policies for the national development of green buildings and prefabricated building, the integrated technology system of prefabricated building and ultra-low energy consumption building. And based on many types of engineering practice, this paper summarizes and refines the six key technology systems of science and technology assembled ultra-low energy consumption building in CCSTC, as well as a package solution for the development of prefabricated ultra low energy consumption building in Xiongan New Area.

Hao Jiping, director of China Construction Mental Structure Assocoation/ Vice-Principal of Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology, entitled “The Application of Prefabricated Ultra-Low Energy Consumption Building in Xiongan.”. This paper discusses the research and application of prefabricated steel structure building from the aspects of component design method, test research, model calculation and analysis, and puts forward the path of realizing green building with prefabricated steel structure, to promote the change of traditional extensive production mode of construction industry and practice the concept of sustainable development.

Erich Benischek, president of Austrian Sustainable Building Council, entitled “The Current Situation in Europe and China’s Prospects of Prefabricated Ultra-Low Energy Buildings”. This paper reviews the history of the development of prefabricated buildings in Europe, summarizes the advantages of prefabricated buildings, and shares different prefabricated forms. The future development of prefabricated architecture is proposed: modular architecture and intelligent architecture.

Jyri Nieminen, Chief Sustainability Officer Sweco Filand Co., Ltd. , entitled “Finnish Solution for Prefabricated Ultra-low Energy Buildings”. The paper introduces the present situation of BIM (Building Information Model) technology, the application of BIM in the design project of SWECO, the practical experience of SWECO’S prefabricated ultra-low energy consumption building. Finally, the paper introduces CIM(City Information Modeling) and its application in low carbon design.

Peng Mingxiang, Chief Engineer, North Branch of Third Engineering Bureau, CSCEC, entitled “Practice of Prefabricated Ultra-Low Energy Building in Xiongan Citizen Service Center”. The paper introduces the successful integration design and application of passive construction technology and steel structure fabricated building technology, and the steel structure and enclosure structure adopt factory production and fabricated construction, and the special design scheme of high efficiency combination of steel structure, ALC board and passive node processing technology is completed innovatively, which realizes the perfect fusion of passive type and steel structure assembly type, and embodies the “Xiong-an quality”.

In the Round-table Dialogue, the guests exchanged ideas around the current situation of ultra-low energy consumption building and discussed the future development of ultra low energy consumption building. Attendees included: Ye Ming, Secretary-General, Construction Industry Modernization Development Committee of Architecture Society of China, Zhang Shoufeng, Deputy Director/ Chief Engineer, Wei Hedong, Chief Engineer, Orient Sundar Group, and so on.

Wei Hedong pointed out the “Building energy efficiency, doors and windows are key” in the relationship between high-performance doors and windows and prefabricated ultra-low energy consumption building industrialization.

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