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Thanks for the 4th great Windoor Festival

TIME:2017-11-20 17:37:45

The 4th Windoor Festival has received 100,000 guests and 1,136 enterprises showed off their products.

The festival was opened by distinguished speakers such as Han Xiaojie and Nie Ruiping, KP General Secretary of Gaobeidian and Baoding. Professor Wolfgang Feist, President & Founder of the Passive House Institute, Ralf Becker, representative of the German Embassy and Wang Xiadong, Deputy Governor of the Hebei Province complemented the ceremony with some welcoming words.



Opening ceremony of the 4th Windoor Festival

Filled with many highlights, international cooperation and the moving forward to a sustainable energy-efficient future have been the main focus of this year's Windoor Festival.


Meeting of international guests and high-ranking politicians and Chinese business men

For example, the German Passive House Institute, the Orient Sundar Group and the Longfor Group signed a project cooperation agreement, especially to carry out the biggest passive building project of all-time, the Train New City.

In addition, to move forward in the area of modern facade building the long-lasting partnership with Raico has been deepened with the resolution for further collaboration. One important aspect of today's building is the increased use in prefabricated and modular house concepts and especially for China, this technology is of great strategic importance. The Orient Sundar Group is therefore gratified to sign a cooperation agreement with the Blaue Lagune, the center for prefabricated building of Austria.Furthermore, it is no secret that for an energy-efficient house, sun-shading systems are of great importance. With Warema, a leading company in that field, the Orient Sundar Group signed a cooperation contract to further advance in passive house components.

Finally, the Orient Sundar Group teamed up with Ercole, a leading Italian company in the area of luxury and security doors, to offer premium products to an increasing demand.


 photo (from left): Erich Benischek (BlaueLagune), Sarah Moser (Moser GmbH), Thomas Moser (Shunda Moser &Moser GmbH)

Another well-received highlight was the 2017 China-EU Prefabricated Ultra-Low Energy Consumption Green Building Industrial Development Forum. The focus was on prefabricated building and passive houses this year. Experts and decision-makers joined this event for discussions and speeches in order to examine the application of these technologies for the Chinese market.

Furthermore, the exhibitors of the Windoor Festival heavily upgraded their exhibition booths and the Windoor City to do likewise, to improve the look next to the exhibition just like the newly reopened museum for windows and doors, the experience center for energy-saving windows, and the new passive production base which was opened last month as well as a state-of-the-art R&D facility, the quality test center for windows, doors and curtain walls and the Eco-City, all of which cover ideas of the sustainable city of the future.


In order to complete this event socially, a reception dinner was hosted on the first evening, with more than 3,000 attendees, beautiful scenery and delicious food as well as live performances on stage added fun to this dinner. Guests from both home and abroad enjoyed the dinner and made friends with each other in this relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.


Reception Dinner with 3000 guests

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