Aluminium frames in Passivhaus Windows.

To certify an aluminium passive window, the spacer bar used in the double glazed unit is actually calculated as part of the window frame instead of part of the glass. Aluminium window frames now feature the most advanced insulation as well as being narrower than before. This makes the glass the key performer in a window. Combined with the high thermal insulation, heat loss through a thermally insulated aluminium frame is now less than ever before.

Importantly, Passivhaus Windows now require a specific installation in Passive window's suitable walls. Consideration is also given to areas of the window often ignored with normal windows. Heat loss through reveals, window cills and frame extensions must be taken into account to arrive at a certified Passivhaus Window.

What benefits do Passivhaus Windows provide?

Moser passive windows feature groundbreaking design, performance and set new standards for aluminium windows.

When taken as part of the local climate, building specification and overall project, Passivhaus windows are intended to:

· Minimise cold draughts (for which we often place radiators below windows).

· Keep the temperature consistent in a room.

· Strike a balance between heat loss and solar gain.

· Drastically reduce energy consumption of the entire dwelling.

· Ensure a condensation-free environment, still prevalent on modern double glazing.

· Reduce mould and sweating of window frames.

· Have a longer lifespan than other windows in buildings.



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